Use of EOT®II in treatment of meniscal lesions and sports injuries – impressive results presented at 2018 meeting of international Orthogen partners

International partners ensure the availability of Orthogen’s EOT®II system in European and Asian countries and in Australia. The annual Orthogen partners’ meeting 2018 gathered participants from twelve countries and three continents in Düsseldorf, Germany, to discuss the latest developments.

From January 18-20 the results of current clinical trials evaluating the use of EOT®II – for instance for meniscal lesions – were presented. The participants discussed the different patient groups who can benefit from the use of EOT®II – from professional athletes to patients looking for an alternative to surgery, for example in knee arthritis. Case reports, for example describing the successful use in the treatment of painful complications of a sports injury, showed the direct impact on the quality of life. The status update of the current registry evaluating the use of the EOT®II system in patients with knee arthritis was also met with great interest.

“Following the publication of our latest clinical results for EOT®II, we see an even greater interest in our medical device”, said Dr. Hendrik Rönsch, Managing Director of Orthogen Lab Services GmbH. “We are really happy that our system is used so successfully, also on the other side of the globe.”