Regenerative medicine

Läufer mit nachlassenden Schmerzen

Do you have arthritis-related joint pain? Do you suffer from back, tendon or muscle pain?

Then you feel like 8 million people in Germany who suffer from arthrosis in the joints.

As with most people affected, have pain ointments or injections of “lubricating substances” into the joint not brought you any significant relief?

Regenerative medicine takes a different approach.

Regenerative medicine deals with the restoration of dysfunctional cells and tissues. Regeneration and healing mechanisms of the body are specifically initiated. Thus, the body’s own natural biological processes of healing are activated. If the homeostasis* in favour of tissue degradation gets out of control (trauma, infection, wear and tear, ageing), degenerative processes (arthrosis, bone and cartilage degradation) occur. Under certain positive circumstances, the body’s own regeneration mechanisms have the potential to restore the balance.

This is where regenerative medicine can help. The following endogenous substances are relevant for regenerative measures:


“If an open, dynamic system is kept in a certain state of equilibrium by internal processes, then maintaining the state of equilibrium is also called homeostasis. So, self-regulation takes place in the system.”

The 4 substance classes of regeneration in the human body

Growth factors

e.g. TGF-β
Signal proteins that stimulate cell division and regeneration


e.g. IL-1Ra, IL-10
signalling proteins, can limit the intensity and duration of inflammation in the tissue and could initiate regeneration


Extracellular vesicles are described as messengers between cells. For example, they are thought to play a role in the communication of healing and regeneration processes in the affected tissue

Lipid mediators

are products of an enzymatic conversion of Omega-3 fatty acids. Their synthesis begins within a few minutes after blood collection. They can have an anti-inflammatory effect in the affected tissue

Multimodal treatment concepts

These therapeutic measures always aim at a holistic, causal treatment of the complaints, and less at a purely symptomatic one: a ‘multimodal treatment concept’ takes the place of conventional treatment options.

In addition to the innovative therapeutic approach of regenerative medicine already mentioned, this includes controlled exercise and a diet that specifically supports healing processes. Thus, these concepts give the possibility to actively contribute to a recovery in close cooperation with the treating physician.


Prevention and regeneration with targeted measures of regenerative medicine

Nutrition, weight reduction and food supplements

Self-healing powers

active (breathing exercises and movement)

passive (sleep and relaxation)