Avoiding Surgery in 83% of Patients with Meniscus Lesions by using EOT®II

The results of a retrospective study assessing the use of the EOT®II system in the treatment of painful meniscal lesions were published recently (Strümper R (2017). Sports Medicine International Open 2017; 1: E200–E205).

47 patients with painful meniscal lesions were treated with intra-articular injections of autologous conditioned serum prepared using the EOT®II syringe (mean number of weekly injections: 5.2). Six months later the patients were re-evaluated using the Oxford Knee Score (OKS) questionnaire and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), with excellent results: In 83% of the patients, surgery was avoided during the 6-months observation period and in about half of the patients the affected knees were completely pain-free and fully functional.

The improvements in knee pain and knee function were independently confirmed by structural findings on MRI scans, with significant improvements of the Boston Leeds Osteoarthritis Knee Score (BLOKS). The author concludes that treatment of meniscal lesions using the EOT®II system may be an effective treatment option and as such an alternative to surgery for many patients.