The ORTHOGEN-Group has evolved from a Biotech-Company in 1993. Today the Orthogen-Group focuses on the treatment of orthopedic diseases with biological therapies and the use of regenerative medicine. Therapeutic proteins and cells that are extracted from the patients own blood play a pivotal role in these therapies.

The intriguing cognition that our body has the ability of self healing has lead to the development of therapies that use and enhance natural defense mechanisms. With the help of biotechnology we understand the biological processes of bones, joints and muscles more differentiated and thus are able to implement this knowledge in new and innovative therapies.

Certain proteins are accountable for diseases of the locomotive system. These proteins can be impaired by their biological opponent. This is where our therapies find their reason. Anti-inflammatory and pain reliving proteins are extracted out of the patients own blood and injected into the affected sites. Some of these beneficial proteins are selected by special processing to be produced in high concentrations and thus can be made available in large amounts and provide their healing properties.

Today the medical devices Orthokine®vet irap, Orthokin® und Osteokine® developed by the Orthogen-group are being used in more than 25 countries worldwide in der Veterinary- and Human medicine. Veterinarians and human physicians produce individual specific therapeutics for their patients that enable them to stay active and healthy.


The therapy of chronic as well as acute diseases with autologous (derived from the own body) products like ACS (Autologous Conditioned Serum), PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and Stem Cells by now are used routinely in orthopedics. The therapy with autologous products still holds unimagined possibilities. New indication for regenerative therapies are still to be discovered.

With new techniques from biochemistry and in cooperation with renowned research institutes we could continuously broaden the spectrum of our therapeutic approaches as well as our range of services and products. Our goal for the future is to continue this innovative way.

New models of autologous therapies are currently flooding the market. Especially the veterinarian is challenged by this. On one hand it is important to choose the right therapy. Some of these therapies are still very young and it is hard to say which therapy is best for which indication to get enduring success. On the other hand the awareness of the Owners is constantly changing. The demand for alternative biologic therapies is rising.
Our challenge consists of the need to thoroughly educate the veterinarian about the available products on the market. We need to offer products that the veterinarians can identify with and implement in their day to day work with animals and their owners.

The ORTHOGEN Veterinary GmbH, as subsidiary of the ORTHOGEN AG, offers high expertise through in house research and development. As inventor of the autologous therapy with ACS for human medicine (Orthokine®) and as the introducer of the product Orthokine®vet irap in veterinary medicine we can look back on a long history of research and experience with autologous therapies. As the ORTHOGEN Veterinary GmbH, despite the worldwide success of the products Orthokine®vet irap und Osteokine® is a relatively small company, we can guarantee a very good personal and fast contact to our customers and partners. It is important for us to be available and responsive any time. Just like the veterinarian is available for his patients.