Fascinating how the body can heal and regenerate injuries, isn’t it? This becomes most apparent in orthopaedic injuries and diseases. Through biotechnology, our understanding of the biological processes in bones, joints and muscles has improved enormously in the recent past. By applying this knowledge, we can develop completely new methods of treatment.

Certain mediator proteins are responsible for perpetuation of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. These pathologies can often be treated with specific biological antagonists. This is where “your body’s own medicine” comes into action: anti-inflammatory and pain-inhibiting proteins are extracted from the patient’s blood and, for example, injected into an affected joint. These substances stop inflammation of joints and nerve roots, regenerate joint cartilage and accelerate healing of fractures.

“Your body’s own medicine” is more appropriately termed as autologous therapy. This means treatments in which substances and cells are produced naturally by the body’s own cells. As a consequence, such therapies often applied locally are highly effective and well tolerated.